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I’m Nick, the founder of the Heritage Menswear blog. I’ve been trying to find my own style for far too long and have been dressing pretty much the same way since high school. I decided years ago I wanted to start “dressing my age” but always ended up back in what’s comfortable, a band t-shirt and blue jeans.

I Have Been Stuck In Limbo For A Decade

Growing up I’ve always identified with the rough and rugged characters from history. Mountainmen, cowboys and blue collar men from times past. I grew up on a small ranch in a scarcely populated area in the Midwest. Hunting, fishing, and just exploring the outdoors.

Back in high school, being a product of the millennial generation we somehow had the ability to change who we were basically overnight. You could be the cowboy kid, dressed in cowboy cut Wranglers, Justin boots, and a pearl snap shirt one year. Then come back after summer break the skater kid dressed in Jincos, Adio shoes, and an Element t-shirt.

Yes, I just described myself. Well I’ve been stuck in this weird blend of both styles for the last 10+ years and something needs to change.

I’m On A Makeover Mission… One That Includes You

I know, or at least hope, I’m not the only one stuck in this predicament. So I’ve found a style that I think suits the look and personality type of people like me. I want to help people obtain this look without feeling like they are larping as extras in a spaghetti western or Peaky Blinders, unless that’s your thing of course.

My Goal Is To Help Men Like Me

Ultimately my goal is to help guys like me dress better. We’ll be diving into different looks within the overall heritage style. What brands are the best and which to stay away from. As well as some history and interesting tidbits about those brands.

Anyways, that’s my story. If you like the cut of my jib hang out. I hope you’ll enjoy the experience with me

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